The Sopranos

Well, just to clarify - my foul language on Saturday's blog was inspired by this new TV series that I have been watching - The Sopranos. Damn foul mouth, these Mafia goons... so, I am guessing, yeah.. I must have picked it up from there.

So this Soprano series is about Tony Soprano, the Mafia capo-regime who runs a topless joint called Bada Bing. Of course that is just the facade - he runs lots of other stuff in the background.

Anyway, the beginning of the series showed him talking to a phychiatrist. Seems that Mr Macho is vulnerable to emotional stress particularly those "forced" upon him by his mother. Actually, the mom did not do much.. it's just that her presence is enough to give Tony a lot of stress... So the series is kinda interesting.. to see how he deals with daily vice activities on top of managing his wife, son and daughter .. AND his mother.


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