Damn... I have been stood up by this freaking insurance agent! Never trust insurance agents, CH has warned.. and now I knew. I am so fucking mad... not only did he not turn up for the appointment, he lied about it when I asked where he was. And I drove all the way to KL! Bastards! Never will I ever go out with fuckers like him.

The situation is like this.. at around 5+, MK called and asked if I want to go to Thai Pub, the nice pub opposite the Beach. I said no at first.. but he keep on asking, saying that KC is there as well as the rest of the gang and besides, it's been a while since we hang out. So I said I'll think about it.

At home, 8.30pm. Felt damn bored. Decided to meet MK and KC in Thai Pub. Called them - asked if they are there already and if there's a place. I mean, that is one popular pub and I didn't want to go all the way to end up standing like as ass outside waiting for a place. He said they are 10 - 15 minutes away and don't worry, they have booked a place.

Ok, so I said, better not bluff me... and I drove down to KL.

Reach there and they are not there! Called and KC said they are still in Cheras.. stuck in a jam.. and that they actually don't have a place reserved and that they decided to go to Warp now. I was like, WTF!!!!!! Not only did you not turn up, you have the audacity to lie again and now you wanted to go to Warp.. a place I hated most. Muthefuckers!

I hanged up and went back home... full with anger and vengence. CH is right. DON'T TRUST THESE FUCKERS.



  1. mama mia caramba. You do sound totally pissed. Well, life is such. Alot of not sincere people around.
    Cool... cool....


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