Saturday, June 19, 2004

Damn... I have been stood up by this freaking insurance agent! Never trust insurance agents, CH has warned.. and now I knew. I am so fucking mad... not only did he not turn up for the appointment, he lied about it when I asked where he was. And I drove all the way to KL! Bastards! Never will I ever go out with fuckers like him.

The situation is like this.. at around 5+, MK called and asked if I want to go to Thai Pub, the nice pub opposite the Beach. I said no at first.. but he keep on asking, saying that KC is there as well as the rest of the gang and besides, it's been a while since we hang out. So I said I'll think about it.

At home, 8.30pm. Felt damn bored. Decided to meet MK and KC in Thai Pub. Called them - asked if they are there already and if there's a place. I mean, that is one popular pub and I didn't want to go all the way to end up standing like as ass outside waiting for a place. He said they are 10 - 15 minutes away and don't worry, they have booked a place.

Ok, so I said, better not bluff me... and I drove down to KL.

Reach there and they are not there! Called and KC said they are still in Cheras.. stuck in a jam.. and that they actually don't have a place reserved and that they decided to go to Warp now. I was like, WTF!!!!!! Not only did you not turn up, you have the audacity to lie again and now you wanted to go to Warp.. a place I hated most. Muthefuckers!

I hanged up and went back home... full with anger and vengence. CH is right. DON'T TRUST THESE FUCKERS.


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  1. mama mia caramba. You do sound totally pissed. Well, life is such. Alot of not sincere people around.
    Cool... cool....