Turned out that things are getting better instead of worse. Thank God. The Mitsubishi guys came over. Very professional - came in uniforms and they know their ac damn well, if I must say so myself. All he took was 5 minutes of fiddling at the compressor and the air cond was fixed! That's it??? He said it is a small matter only. I think our ac guy, Ah Heng, is a dungu coz instead of admitting that he's unfamiliar with Mitsubishi ac, he blamed the ac for being difficult to install, "i have never seen brand new ac not working when first installed", "it's so fragile", "insert other lame excuses". I believe he did not put in some fuse or activate some switch at the compressor end. That is why it was not working.

Having said all this, I must admire Mitsubishi's professionalism and expertise unlike, cough, Panasonic, which until today, have not fixed my ceiling fan.


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