Every thing seems to be happening in May. First I moved house. This coming weekend will mark my 2nd week in the new place. I thought I would have settled down by then and told a bunch of friends organizing a weekend getaway to a place called Bukit Tinggi that I am able to join them. All of a sudden, moving house and trying to settle down is not an easy task at all. This weekend, the aircond guy will come to install a/c. The contractor, Ah Meng, will be over to do some touch up work. All of a sudden, I can't leave the house for the getaway. I bet many of my friends are not very happy about this. So the deal I am thinking of doing is to do the house work and go to Bukit Tinggi in the evening.

Then, AC is coming back from Singapore. She asked if we could meet up and I could not because of the weekend getaway and of course now the house-work.

C.Woon, another friend from Singapore is visiting with her sister and mother. She's hoping to meet up with the gang here but all of us are going up to Bkt Tinggi.

I have an American guest visiting the our office on Monday. She'll arrive on Saturday and the rest of the team here will be going out with her on Sunday. I feel obligated to join them as she's, after all, our guest, right? But... I can't, because I will have to be in Bukit Tinggi. And these colleagues have already branded me as anti social.

Just a moment ago, MK called and said that he doesn't want to go Bukit Tinggi if I am not around because he and KL don't click and he said he'll be bored to death. So he'll follow me in the evening. That would have thinned the group going up in the morning because if MK don't go, KC won't go.




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