So I was thinking again about this "how come you don't move out and thus have a bigger place" comment from the friend. I don't know why I kept on thinking about this. Perhaps it is because I have finally settled down in the new place and I am now wishing I can move to AU. That is, after all, my ultimate dream. I think about it all the time. But I lack the courage. It's not easy to drop everything you have worked so hard for, just to chase after a dream. Not to mention starting all over again.

Do I really want to quit a job in *the* IT company to flip burgers at *the* burger specialist? Or to drive the tram in Melbourne? Or be a helpdesk agent in the data center?

I guess these are decisions and dilemma that affects singles people like me. My friends who are married hardly think about these stuff though they do like to get themselves unemployed.

Why can't I have *that* type of normal life?



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