Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Warm Seat

Sometimes the kwai los amazes me with their ridiculous ideas. I sat in my colleagues pick up today and guess what? Her car seat has this button that when depressed, will warm the seat! So as you sit in the car, the seat gets warmer and warmer and when it reach one point, it will stop heating it up.

I mean, why would one need such a thing? Do we want a cold car seat back in MY? That would add more cost to the car.


Bahija said...

Eh, not for depress lah... imagine Alaska - super duper cold weather ..make sense to warm u up , hahhaa. to me, night time in LA during winter time - I would appreciate this feature liow. Hmm, cold seat in MY - good idea , but we don't need la, people in Middle East eg Qatar may need it :P

Anonymous said...

It is not a ridiculous idea. Canadians have it too. You have to look at things at another perspective.

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