Thursday, May 05, 2005


Today's Amazing Race 7 took place in London. Wow, seeing Sherlock Holmes Museum, London Eye, Buckingham Palace and the Underground brought back memories of my trip back in 2002. I love London... probably as much as I love Melbourne. It's really a great city. So much things to do and see. And the park, boy, do they have one of the most beautiful parks in the world.

I miss you, London. I hope to visit you again someday.


anti-ringgit said...

Your forgot about me! Anti-ringgit! If I did not accompany you! You will be bored! If not because I am so gung ho to go here and there, you won't see much! :P bleeeehhhhh

Bahija said...

Wow, Gung Ho AR - I like this, what a beautiful way of describing him :P

Aiiii, by right at this time, we could be in London !

ringgit said...

AR..! :O
AR could be Amazing Race
AR could be Anti Ringgit

Another synchronicity?

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