Keychron K4V2 Review

Recently I bought a Keychron K4V2 mechanical keyboard. This one came with Gateron Browns, a hotswappable RGB board and a aluminum body. The reasons I bought this keyboard, despite having quite a number of keyboards are:

1. This is a wireless keyboard which could connect to 3 devices. I hate cables and so, having a wireless keyboard made my desk cable and clutter free. Once you start using a wireless keyboard, wired feel so inconvenient. By pressing Fn-1, I connect to my Windows PC. Fn-2 will instantly switched to my MacBook and Fn-3 to the iPad. The switch is almost instant, maybe a couple of seconds delay to connect to the PC, but, it feels so good that it’s like having a KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) device at home. 

2. Numpad in a TKL size. As I used my PC a lot more to do  work these past months, I find that the Numpad is invaluable for when I’m doing Excel or quick calculation. The problem with full-size keyboards are that they are too wide. The Keychron K4V2 though, crammed all these essential keys into a compact keyboard, leaving no unnecessary space, therefore achieving a keyboard with Numpads with a size slightly smaller than a TKL keyboard. 

3. Hotswappable board. I don’t have one. And I like Browns for the tactile typing experience. But, I’d like to have linear Reds for gaming. And hotswappable board made my wish come true. I bought a pack of 35 Gateron switches together with the keyboard and swapped out WASD and other keys on the left hand into Reds. In a way, this is now a hybrid keyboard. It does feel weird when typing, with half the hand on linear switches and the other half tactile but oh well, I’ll adjust.

There you have it, yet another addition to my current keyboard collection!

USB-C port for charging and connecting to the PC through a cable. The middle button toggles Windows or Mac. The last button toggles wired, off or Bluetooth. 


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