Covid - to send or not to send the kids to school?

This is a dilemma in every Malaysian parents' minds today. We are at the cusps of MCO 3.0 with daily cases above 2700. Some schools in PJ were closed. Some were reopened after closing for a couple of weeks. My daughters’ school, SKTM, is still opened but many parents are not sending their kids to school. 

Last week, my nephew’s form teacher was tested positive. Nephew and family were considered Category B, meaning they have to self-quarantine and wait for KKM instructions to go for the Covid test. We had close contact with the nephew and as such, we are considered Category C. If nephew is tested positive (as of this writing, he’s not showing symptoms and KKM scheduled a test on Day 10), then we will become Cat B. Therefore, we chose to self-quarantine for 10 days and so, the girls did not go to school. 

To be honest, I'm disappointed as I have also heard of friends who were Cat C who still went out. It made our self-quarantine pointless. I wish there are clearer guidelines from KKM in regards to the mobility of Cat C people. 

I believe that it is a challenge for the government to decide what to do. You implement MCO and the economy tank. The kids have already missed one year of education. I cannot imagine them not studying for another few months. 

You don't implement, then the daily cases soar and the citizen worries. That is why I feel the best the government can do is to give us clear guidelines. What can a Cat B do? What should a Cat C do?

How about restricting the number of people eating out? Today, the rampant cases are a result of all these lunches and dinner gatherings. Restrict it to 2-3 pax per table or, only family can eat out. Disallow all night clubs and pubs. I bet you that when you are drunk, you'll forget to stay 1 meter apart or masked up. 

We want to take care of ourselves but we need everyone to do the same. 


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