20” Crossmac 8 speed foldable bicycle

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a foldable bicycle for the girls. My brother in law bought one from Shoppee and his bike was shipped from China. I'm not a bike enthusiast like him and so, I prefer to see the bike first before I buy and I'd like to be able to send it to a shop for service or repairs if there's a need to, and so, I went to this shop called Bike Elemenz in Desa Kompleks in Kepong. 

The owner, a nice gentleman by the name Gavin, was there and he let us try a few models and convinced me why the bike that he's selling, a brand called Crossmac, is better that those that come from China. The secret, he said, is in the joints when you fold a bicycle. The joint must be made of good quality material so as not to fall apart from frequent use.

Actually, I don't have much opinion about this bicycle as it is just a bicycle, after all, and I'm too tall and heavy to enjoy it. But, it's a perfect fit for my wife and the two girls. We adjusted the height of the seat and handle quite frequently depending on who is riding it and, and it handled this abuse quite well. We also fold the bicycle and bring it inside the house every day, so, that part also handled the abuse quite well. The bike is pretty light and small, once it is folded and my CRV can fit two of them, so once the public park is opened, it will be very easy to bring the bike to FRIM or TTDI park for a ride. 

The CRV can easily fit two of these

What I can show you in this blog is how to fold the bike. Once you know it, it's pretty easy but if this is your first time, it can be pretty confusing.

Step 1. Fold the pedals by pushing the pedal in and pushing it down

Quite ingenious, actually, having foldable pedals

Step 2. Lower the seat. The shaft of the seat became the stand for the bicycle when it is folded. This shaft balance the bike. I wish there is a rubber cover for the shaft though. It will be able to hold better.

That metal shaft does scratch the floor. Wish there’s a rubber end that I can plug into it.

Step 3. Turn the handle by releasing the lever.

Pretty easy

Step 4. Lower the handle so that it folds into the front tyre. This part is quite difficult because the lever is pretty hard to pull. There's also not much leverage for the fingers to get into. Just pull hard.

Very hard! Need strong fingers to pry it apart

Step 5. Take out the safety lock, pull the lever and fold the bicycle in half. Voila. It's done.

Super easy too

This is the part which Gavin said have to be made of good quality and reliable

Can’t imagine how small it become. Quite light too


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