Poor Service

7 years to go to reach Vision 2020, Malaysia's goal to be a developed country and yet we see this today:

This morning I was in the Touch N Go office beside Damansara Toll to top up the Touch N Go card. There are two counters, one for cash and one for credit card. They sit beside each other.

A woman was in the credit card counter filing a complaint. She was filling up the form and talking to the person behind the counter. Behind the woman was a man, waiting to top up via credit card. I was behind the man. There was no one else.

The man and I waited for almost 10 minute. He asked the cash counter woman if he can top up at her counter. She said no.

And she continue to sit idly while 2 customers are waiting. And I am not sure why she didn't take over and handle the complaint. Or just top up for us, come on!

So we waited and waited.

Where is the customer first mentality!

Positive spin: well, the lady customer was pretty attractive to look at.


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