Great Day

Last Friday was one of the smoothest days I have ever encountered. By smooth, I meant that many things seemed to happen like a clockwork and I got many things done. I took the day off and so I decided to do a few things - meet up with ZipD and go see a dentist. But I have two things I need to do in addition - go back to the office in the morning to collect the Noppoo keyboard because I finally found a buyer.

So I sent my daughter to MIL house at 8am and the traffic from Persiaran Surian to BU was smooth. Typically it would be quite jam so I managed to reach the office by 8.20am. Grabbed my stuff and went to my mother's house in Kepong. I went for a nice pork noodle mee and then took a call with my boss from 10.30am-11.30am and rushed to Mid Valley to meet my friend ZipD. It's a Friday and many people tell me it is madness to go Mid Valley, especially during lunch time. There was some slight jam in Federal Highway and the moment I went into the parking, just at that moment of taking the parking ticket off the machine, there was a empty parking in front of me! In minutes I found one bay. As I went to the escalator, I saw "mailbox etc" right in front of my eyes and they are a consignee for PosLaju so I was able to post the Noppoo keyboard without having to queue in a post office. I was amazed at my luck.

Spent two hours with ZipD for a great lunch and a long chat at Starbucks and I left Mid Valley for my dental walk-in try-my-luck in SS2. Traffic was smooth again and I was able to get a parking in SS2. The dental appointment was a breeze - in and out within 30 minutes of cleaning my teeth, no queue.

Everything just worked like a clock. It's one of the best days. If everyday in KL is like this, this would be a great city to live in. Alas.


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