Disastrous Day

This is the temperature after we stopped at the R&R
and cooled down the car
I took Friday off. My father want to visit a very sick uncle in Brunei. This uncle is his brother in law. He's a great person and my father put a lot of priorities on families, so he wanted me to go with him. We booked a flight in Air Asia. Supposed to fly off at 1.45pm. As we drive to the airport at around 11.30am (I know it is a a bit tight but I had a teleconference at work and have to stay on.. but I figured 3 hours.. why not) - I notice that my car started to heat up. The temperature is rising as we drive in Elite Highway. It got so high that we stopped in the nearest R&R and pour water into the engine to cool it down. More wasted time. Then we reached the airport at 1pm and they refused to let us in! Said that we are too late. We appealed to no avail.

So we changed our ticket to the following morning - 6am flight and drove back home. Along the way, it started to pour and we had to stop our car, sit in the rain while the engine cooled. As we reached Damansara around 4pm, there was heavy traffic (it was a work day, after all) and we were all so stressed up about the car heating up again.

We reached home around 6pm. And since I can't go to Brunei, I told my mother that I will accompany her to a wedding dinner. By the time the reception finished, it was 11pm and I had 4 hours of sleep before I have to go to airport, this time in another car.

Positive spin over this disastrous day? I get to spend a lot of time with my father and mother individually, something of a luxury these days. I am happy actually, on how it turned out as those moments were of quality and I know I will not regret them!


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