Order iPad 2 from Apple Store Malaysia

Not many people know this but you can now place order of Apple products, including iPad 2, in the Apple Store Malaysia via apple.com/my

The fulfilment of the order is still from Apple SG but that's ok, so long as the price is in MY.

Also, the product is shipped directly from Apple's factory in China - so it doesn't matter.

There is something special and fascinating about ordering online. The excitement you get when you received an email notifying you that the order is shipped to the satisfaction of being able to track where your package is.

Yesterday evening, at around midnight, I received an email saying my order was shipped! That translate to 4 days in advance of a 2 weeks wait. I am so excited. That means, I will get the iPad 2 next Tuesday. Can't wait.

I'm so excited it reminds me of my online order of iPod nano, which I shared in this blog.

Somehow, the iPhone 4 didn't make me as excited. Like I said, maybe it is because of the little surprises you get through online ordering.


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