Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beaurocratic or Incompetence?

Beaurocratic or Incompetence?
Above is the tracking status of the iPad 2 that I have ordered with Apple. Let me share with you some legend:
SZX is Shenzen Airport
HHP and HKG is Hong Kong
SZB is Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport ie Subang Airport Malaysia.

The iPad was shipped from Shenzen on 23 June at 9pm. It reached Hong Kong at 12am. And left Hong Kong at 9am on 24 June. It reached Subang Airport at 3pm same day, around 6 hours flight.

It takes less than 24 hours to ship from China to Malaysia.

But the package was STUCK AT SUBANG Custom for 6 days!

What's wrong with our custom? Is it incompentence? Laziness? Or what?

Seriously, internet transaction failed because of the custome clearance. GRRR!

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