Maxis High Speed Broadband

Compliment from maxis for being the first 1,000 fiber customer. Nicely done! The blue bar thingy is actually a golf umbrella.

My colleague who stayed near my house was one of the first 100 who installed. Maxis gave him a free caricature of the whole family with a beautiful frame.

This is great touch to an already great fiber broadband package. The cost is RM118/month for a 6Mbps. We get free phone call to maxis fixed lines, 500 free minutes to any maxis mobile number (012) and 200 free minutes to IDD calls to USA, SG, China. This is very good news for me because that means I can take teleconferences from home at zero cost.

Before this fiber thingy, my internet (also with maxis) cost RM88/month for a 2Mbps DSL line and I have to pay a RM25/month for the phone rental. That means, my monthly bill is about RM113/month. Now, with just an additional RM5/month, I get 3 TIMES the speed and free phone call. How great is that?


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  1. wow .. ringgit does your area has UNIFI?? besides those chepelak call know unifi also include Cable TVs!!! ah how you beat that!

  2. That's great news!!! as per your wording they are providing such broadband services in very affordable prices. I love the offerings they are providing with the plan. They are providing such really cheap call to the customers. Nice updates you gave to your readers.

  3. AR - UNIFI's cable TV is chargeable. They give you a fixed points every month. You use the points to buy show. Typically the points allow you to download max of 3 TV shows OR 2 movies per month. You cannot accumulate and bring forward the points. If you want more shows/movies, you pay.

    So free lunch le!


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