My very first pair of Crocs, widely influenced by elifesl's blog on Crocs. It better be worth it!

Bought it in Robinson, Chiangmai, at around RM138.. Not sure how much the same pair would cost in KL. Any idea, elifesl?

My Bata busted after less than a year! They don't make Bata like they used to and this Bata wasn't cheap. RM60 per pair!

So since I have some allowance and since I read so much about Croc, I don't mind trying. I hope it is worth it!


  1. It reminds me of Ronald Mcdonald's shoes! Marketing does work, poor victims out there.

  2. agree, Bata punya quality very bad liow and not cheap also...aiii , malu betul...Bata in Brunei is branded leh , but locally - I also tak larat to support Bata. Hope you enjoy the Crocs, it's cheap. In KL , it is > $180 to > $200 la....when sweat and smelly, can wash - hehehe

  3. everywhere got cheap crocs now..RM10 oso can get i thk :D

    i hv both cheap and real crocs..somehow i ended wearing the cheap one most..why? because its grey..easier to match clothes :P

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  5. Crocs are actually quite comfortable, even if they look a bit strange. In any case, I've enjoyed reading this blog enough to follow it. Hope you don't mind! :D

    I have a blog as well, which you can follow if you're interested. It's the life story of a badass, modern Pecos-Bill-type character told in daily vignettes. I'm looking for actual readers, rather than just clickers/supporters, so if anyone's interested, feel free to take a look. =)

  6. hey!! this is a very nice blog. thanks for sharing your life and experience here. hope you never give up. keep it up.

  7. lol nice blog crocs are great..

  8. I also only bought my 1st pair of crocs about 2 months ago. It looked smart enough to be worn over a jeans. I bought mine for about RM110 after discount.


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