Maid Drama

My sister decided to get a domestic helper. She heard and observe all the good stuff about our maid and decided to use the same agency. 12 days after the Indon maid came, she ran away. She left her bags and didn't take anything from the house. She just ran away when she saw the chance to do so.

My sister just 'lost' RM5,000 (about USD$1600) for nothing. So for the readers of my previous post who thinks that we are being paranoid when I blogged about my maid, think again. It's not about being paranoid - it's about being careful with our 'investment'. You would too, if you have paid RM5,000 in advance.

Not only that, my sister was fined RM300 by the immigration department for losing the maid and if she decides to get a replacement, the agency would charge an addition RM2,000 for the immigration fee to bring a new maid. They will waive the agency fee (part of the RM5,000 she paid). After all the drama, she decided not to get one.

There is something wrong with our system!

Was it a surprise to her? No. Her maid was very inquisitve when she first came. In her first 5 days, she asked a lot of questions like house address, can she make a call to her family. She was also pretty sloppy at her work even though my sister was patient in teaching her - and at times - was even keeping an eye close. We could tell that her heart is not to do work here in Malaysia. She probably had this planned all along. My sister didn't give her the keys to the house, which probably explained how they managed to keep her for 12 days. If she has access to the keys, I think she would be gone on the second day.

There is also a psychological trauma here - what happen if she ran away with my sister's 1 year old son?

What everyone says is true - it all depends on luck - whether you get one that is good or one with an intention to screw you over.


  1. Anti ringgit, why the debate if one will become paranoid. Can one just stay home and be a housewife or househusband! Will it work? Compromise the standard of living we like to live in. Adjust the lifestyle. If Bandar Utama is too expensive, why not Sungai Buloh? Weigh what's more important. Every time when I talked about this, someone will commented that both parents need to find money for better future. However, where is the better future, when we all drive to paranoia? It's really all these lifestyles that's driving us to make money and forgot about our passions in things we like to do.

  2. While I agree with what you said, AR, there are circumstances beyond our control. My income could comfortable support our lifestyle even with Mrs World not working but she's also supporting her family at the moment. I am not able to support 3 families (my parents, mine and hers).. that is the reason she is working. We wish we could bring up little sen on our own.

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