version 1.2! Out of beta dy!

Hmm.. didn't have a chance to post this. Lil sen is out of beta. She's version 1.2 already! Such a big girl already.

At this moment, she could walk unaided and she's having lots of fun walking around our house.. from dining room to exploring the PC room and getting terrified of being alone in the PC room and would wobble excitedly back to the living. And then, her curiosity gets the better of her and she would find herself back into the PC room.

She's now very much enthralled with Barney .. I have watch this Barney video with her the hundredth times and she still not bored. I groan everytime she wants to see Barney cause she wants to do things together-gether! I think it has to do with her being a girl as most of my lady readers will know, girls like to be together-gether! Faint!

She almost has a full set of teeth and is always looking forward to munching apples, raisins, dragon fruits, oranges. She also likes 'yong sum sow' - some sort of bitter Chinese concoction. I think she's the only baby who likes bitter stuff. One day we should let her try bitter gourd.

She still can't say anything much but she's able to understand words. If we asked if she wants milk, she will nod if she do.. Actually, she will nod to every questions that you asked. She will also start emulating what we do - for example, when we kneel down to chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, she will grasp her two hands together and kow tow as well - as though she has been doing this for ages. It's pretty funny to watch her antics.


  1. her brain is developing , she is learning from people around her :) you guys be good , behave. This is one of the fun stage , enjoy !

  2. I hope we get to see her soon, she can me the playmate of Anjali :-)


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