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My wife thinks I am addicted to gaming. I disagree with her. On average, I spent less than one hour per week playing games. Is that addiction? If you watch one TV drama per day, you are already spending an hour on this entertainment. And gaming is my only entertainment as I don't watch TV nor do I have Astro at home. Is one hour/day for entertainment addiction?


  1. HaHaHa must be thinking 'what's wrong with woman and pc gaming yea' ...why can't the woman understand the 'little yoga' time for the man?? ....Perhaps expose her to the 'worst gamers' that u hv, when she gets to compare, you playing 1 hr per week - issssss soooooo good, u hv always been discipline in this, as a friend, I don't think you are addicted, as the matter of fact, all these stopped tremendously since u r growing more in your spiritual life as well as being a father :) ... so far, i think this is one area where u r still struggling with wifey yea .... may u get your little pc gaming time.

  2. You are absolutely right - this is one area we struggled to accept.

  3. Well well well .. it just show at certain time or level, you and your wife has a different interest. Put it this way, when you are playing games (your interest), your wife may be busy with Miss Sen (her interest). When she sees you absorbed in your own interest, at the back of her mind, she may unconsciously thought that you are not doing enough to support her interest.

    A speech that came out from her mouth, is motivated from an interest. However, when we interpret it, we only read the surface, she don't like me playing games!

    My advise, go one step further, what motivated her to say that! That's what you want to cope! Once you understand, then you go into negotiations so she could accept your gaming. After all we are all human aren't we??!!

  4. Her beef with me is that I didn't spend enough time caring about her well being i.e. asking her how she was, etc.

    Basically, it's like what that book "Men from Mars" said - she feel that I didn't fulfill her emotional needs and she points the finger at gaming, despite the fact that I didn't spend a lot of time on gaming.

    Ah women! They are really from Venus!


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