Maid Phone Home

All of my faithful readers over the years have no maid so I am not sure how you can help. But collective wisdom will always work so please give me your thoughts.

Our Indo maid has been great so far. This is her second month. And last week, she asked us if she could call home. She missed her 10 year old daughter and would like to make a safe arrival call.

Our agency said we should not let the maid call home. There are many reasons, one of them being that it may caused them to miss home so much that they run away. Or that her family may persuade her to run away; or hook her up with a local contact so she can run away with him.

My sister's friend also said it is not a good idea because there were cases where the maid called home and her family told her that they have received the 7 month advance money that employer paid and that she should just ditch them now that the money was in.

But Mrs World-Peace trusted her and would like to allow it.

I don't know if we should. No experience at all. I also trust the maid.. but then, who knows if she's pretending to be a good person all along. There are may type of people in this world.

What should I do?


  1. Isn't it sad at the stage of the world today? Nobody trust anyone easily anymore. We all guarding our "invisible interest" that sometimes we can become so cold to each other. Whether to your maid, friends, siblings or spouse.

    OK now, in my super Anti-Ringgit opinion, you are here today because you want to enjoy the moment of life. I always believe in listening to my heart rather than listening to others. The others may tell stories to raise my awareness, thank you for that, but at the end of the day, how do you feel? If you don't let her use, your reasons was the justifications provided by the agency or others, however, if you let, you had done humankind a favor. Everyone deserves a feeling. If the maid thinks she cannot cope missing her kids, then she should go home, raise her kids properly, and for all you know they have more loving families.

    In my opinion, let's stop start and continue anymore vicious cycles. Be a person who enjoy being a true human being. What others say does not matter, they may be depriving from real human joy which call "Contentment"!

  2. Ringgit, FOR THE FIRST TIME, I salute Anti-Ringgit and AGREE with his comment. Anti-Ringgit is pro-ringgit. I leave u with your belief - cause and effect. I also read newspaper about maid driving car fetching the owner's children to/from school, maid treated like a sister, a family member ... and I still want and hope that you will have that kind of privilege as well. Remember you used to talk about 'respect' ??? is it time for u to respect her human right ? gosh....If so far, your ke-lian maid is giving good report, be sensitive and give it a try ... I am 100% with AR la. If I have a maid, I will allow her. Besides, you also need to help her go thru this moment, away from home, motivate her that she is working hard to earn money for their future, a noble task, uplift her...maid is also human with feeling.

  3. She's been there 2 months and you wonder if it's OK for her to telephone her 10 year old daughter? What's wrong with you?
    You don't own her.
    Surely you're not that mean?
    Bill UK

  4. Oh my god, is Malaysia really that backwards?! I thought things like that could happen only in countries like Saudi Arabia...

  5. I believe it is not about being backwards or not. And it's not about being cruel either. Generally, Malaysians are good people. Honest! Sadly, events in the recent 5 years have changed people's perception. The streets are not as safe anymore. There are break-ins, rapes, scams, snatch-thief, etc. It used to happen to friend's friend's friend's relative. Now, the frequency of it happening is frightening and that it hits closer to home. I can name you a couple of aunts/uncles who had their houses broken into or their hand bags snatched.

    The bad economy and general state of fear has cause people to be paranoid, myself included.

    I could also name you many experiences from friends where they caught their maids being 'courted' by strangers at the door. Usually they started by having friendly chat and then inviting them to come in and then rob the houses. Or cases where the bad people would pretend to be a plumber or electrician or something to cheat their way inside the house.

    Or there are cases where when you go out with the maid, these guys would operate such that they will pass their telephone numbers to the maids in public toilets and then start to court them.

    There are also cases of maids suddenly getting pregnant and employers are forced to send them home and wonder if they made out in their beds.

    Yes, paranoid.

    Yes, I should not think that way... and yes, I cannot help it.

    But for the record, we let our maid phone home. Not only that, in her first try of phoning home, she managed to talk to her sister and mother but her daughter was not home. The following day, we let her call again and yet daughter was not home. The following week, another try and again, timing is such that when she called, her sister (they don't have land line and we have to call mobile and the mobile belongs to the sister) is in the farm and can't reach daughter. We are going to let her a few more tries. Hopefully she will reach hear daughter.


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