Anti-Ringgit, the frequent flyer, is not observing self quarantine despite travelling to Australia and Philippines. My staff, Laila, asked me yesterday if she should self quarantined by working from home, because she's meeting her friend who just came back from Australia. One is indifference, one seemed to want to take advantage of the situation. Such is life.


  1. eh h1n1 is just one thing u hv to confront. the fact is the moment u step out of yr home, you are at risk. for example, driving you may get hit, does that mean u dun drive? or u eat fish ball, you may get choked, so does that mean you don't eat fish ball? what i want to say is u can only hv precaution this much life goes on. you don't stop living. and if you are overprotective and u raise a lame society with plenty of excuses in life.


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