Don't cry over spilled milk

I'm sure you have heard of this idiom but have you ever wondered why
they used milk and not other form of liquid? Why not water or soup or
Coca Cola? Last weekend, we knew why.

Anne was expressing milk from her breasts when it happened. Expressing milk is hard work. Lots of energy needed to press the
pockets of cells/ducts around the breast to squeeze milk into the tits to
assist the Avent pump she was using. Typically a session to express 6
oz of milk from both breasts take about 30 minutes.

So, you can imagine the blood chilling wail that she produced when she
spilled the container as she reached for the cover. All 6 oz and half
hour of hard work gone! Nothing can be done. I have to mop the mess
while she still 'cry'.

No point crying over spilled milk, indeed!


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