Cabinets Part Two

This is in the dining area. Total damages RM5.3K. Ouch.


  1. Urrm, so what's the point of having beautiful cabinets, when you walk out of the kitchen and food is not nice? Usually good cook has messy kitchen. When I see this, urrm I have many Anti Ringgit doubts. So my advise is save your money for the next IPODS.

  2. Kiasu - your response remind me of a friend who doesn't know how to drive but bought a nice, expensive Smart car. It's like, he thinks the car will enable him to be better driver! LOL!

  3. ringgit ..but at least i attempted after i bought wor. i make sure i dun kill someone on the road especially U!!!

  4. HaHaHa .... anti-R vs R :)
    btw, your damage seem reasonable la....keep the contact for me yea.


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