R.I.P. David Eddings

One of my favourite authors, Michael Crichton passed away some time late last year (or was it early this year?) Today, I read news that another author, David Eddings, passed away at the age of 77. Mr Eddings wrote the Belgariad series - I still remember that it was my friend Siham who introduced me to this series. Have been hooked to it ever since and even managed to influence ZipD to read.


  1. Well there were few good authors had passed away .. one of the most recent one was Randy Pausch who wrote 'The Last Lecture'. I think it's a must read for all parents. He wrote this book for his wife and most importantly to his children so that they grew up knowing what his dad wants them to learn in life, all through this book! Its a very upbeat book versus an emotionally wrapped instead.

    The other author was Sir Asimov, I didn't really read his book but I learnt he died from AIDS and he got it through blood transfusion.

    And one more author which I read a long time ago was Richard Carlson. Passed away in his sleep while he was in a plane.

    I believe they left a huge legacy behind for a better generation especially for those self help authors.


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