The iPhone I have been waiting for is HERE!

Lookie - look what I pulled out from my jeans:


Yes, it's an iPhone 3G.. white back.. which automatically signifies a 16GB version - the best! Apple has two iPhone 3G models: the 8GB which comes only in black and the 16GB which has two colour: black and white. So, if you have a 16GB, it only makes sense to get a white - it's more exclusive.. and it is reminisence of an iPod - which originally made its debut in white. And typical of Apple, the black iPhone comes in a black box. The white one came in a white box (I didn't expect this, actually)...

Inside this handsome package is an iPhone, a USB cable for charging, a 3 way plug for wall charging, a stereo headphone with mic - so it doubles as a headset, instructions manual, Apple logo to be stick to cars/computers and a soft cloth for wiping the phone.

I really like the wall charger as it means I don't need to charge ths iPhone from a PC.I didn't get any casing for the iPhone. Looking back at all my previous mobile phones, I never had a casing. I guess my reasoning was that the phone was supposed to be mobile and all the Nokia models I owned have Express Cover - i.e. can change the cover anytime. So with that in mind, what is the point of having those hard casings or leather type casings? It defeats the purpose of Express Cover.

But with the iPhone, which doesn't have any "express cover", it's just too hard to bear seeing scratches on it. And yet, I also cannot bear seeing its beauty hidden behind some ugly casings. Like, what's the point of having a white iPhone when it will be hidden behind some black, blue or green casings? So what do I do? ZipD adviced me to get the InvisibleSHIELD, a military grade, 2mm thin, see-through shielding that is, um, invisible. It's so thin and yet so tough that it would never scratch. So I bought that and self installed. It was difficult to install and while I didn't do a very good job, it served its purpose. Now, I could put the iPhone inside my jeans and not worried about scratches. The InvisibleSHIELD also reduces fingerprint and smudges.. so it's definitely a good choice.

I have been having a blast with this phone (for the past one week) and could not imagine myself using any other phones. In fact, I could not imagine why on earth would people pay RM1200 for a Nokia when they could own the revolutionary iPhone for RM1500. I am grateful for maxis to bring the iPhone to Malaysia! Thank you! (yes, your service still sucked but it's ok, I forgive you :P )


  1. bukan main aksi! pls change my beautiful picture on yr phone into the more beautiful one pls! it has to be flawless!


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