Britain Got Talent

I first heard about this show from my friend - about this mobile phone salesman singing opera and winning this "American Idol-like" show. His name was Paul Potts and he was amazing. Go to YouTube and search for his name.

Today, I read about this:
LONDON, April 16 — Susan Boyle, who admits she has never been kissed, astonished the judges at the auditions for ITV1 show with her rendition of ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ from “Les Miserables”.
The clip of her audition has been viewed 2,485,245 times in 72 hours.
The 48-year-old charity worker from West Lothian announced from the stage that her dream was to emulate West End star Elaine Paige.

Actually, when I saw today, her YouTube video was seen 15 million times! I think that's the highest YouTube view EVER!

And it was simply amazing. I had teary eye!

Please click to view - you'll not regret it!


  1. Thanks for Posting!!!!
    I read about this.... but just din get to search for it youtube yet.
    she is awesome.. padan muka those who laughed at her kan.
    just becoz she look like that they judge... bloodddyyy.. bleeeppp

  2. a good one u have good topic to blog and share with us :) , I enjoyed the you-tube... amazing Susan ! thanks

  3. Coincidently, church showed it in the sermon last Sunday.


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