Beauty, Gain, Good

So lately I am having motivational issues regarding work. I start to have negative thoughts about it. I wonder if this is the right job for me? What is a right job? Do I have to go through this every day? I tried very hard to lift my spirit and have positive thinking - it's working some what but certain days when the shit hits, it's all down the drain again and I have to start picking myself up. Even an iPhone, which finally arrived, didn't help..

In fact, I was selected by a renowned petroluem company for a first interview. I don't know if I was successful - but I am seriously considering changing job/company.

I remember someone told me about the type of jobs we should look for. The job should give you 3 qualities: beauty, gain and good.

Gain is money. We work for a living. Every job must pay well. My current job does. So it has gain.

Good is where what you do is not bad to the society. Extreme examples are you are not selling drugs or you are not working in a company selling tobacco. The not so extreme examples are jobs typical job that people do everyday: managers, tech support, accountant, etc -well, um, accountants could have a bad job if they manipulate the accounts and therefore potraying a different sets of books which then mislead investors. Yeah - even typical job could be bad.. My current one is 'good'..

Beauty is the beauty of the job. Do you love the nature of the job, the company, the boss, the culture and environment? I live 15 minutes away from the office which means I have a lot of time in the morning to do my prayers, get bfast done and in the future, send the baby to the baby sitter. I don't need to work late every evenings (ok, once a while there are late night calls but it's not often enough). I have a good work-life balance. Boss is ok. Team mates are manageable although often I find myself gritting my teeth when working with them. So theorectically, I have Beauty. But it is the nature of the job, the pressure of management, that giving me this dread. I should overcome it - there are many more beauty than ugliness - there's no reason I should change.


What about you? Does your job gives you beauty, gain and good? Let me know!


  1. I think your problem is not what you are doing, but of who u r dealing. Human whether you like it or not, is out there to destroy each other in order to stay on top. If you can't handle these, then you need to think of a job with less human conflicts or competitions. But again if you want a comfortable pay, it's always come with a price. It's a dog eat dog world!

  2. but there are no jobs that has no human interaction. Everything we do is about human interaction.. I understand that.. I have no problem with that.. just that I get tired by it... so, you are right.. I need to overcome this challenge!

  3. I like my job, it has good, beauty and gain. Lately I was distracted because of the change and also my commitment level is less now after 2 kids. If I could have more time, I think I will do very well but it was also my choice to have kids, so I should not complain. Unlike you, my motivation is driven by fear, fear of losing the job. Listen to what your heart is telling you.

  4. Then do something with LESS conflict among the people. Conflicts cannot be avoided, but to what extent? Even husband and wife also got conflict, you think this world so perfect meh!


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