Friday, February 27, 2009

Growing up...

Our baby girl is growing very fast in the tummy.. She's in her third trimesters and people are saying that in this 3 months, her weight will grow double or triple! It's like lightning speed! Anyway, her movement are more pronounced - yesterday night she decided to stick her buttocks out and you could see an odd shape protruding out of her mother's tummy.. and when she decide to do some kung fu moves, you could also see a bulge here or there. Now I know why pregnant lady can't wear tights - it would be odd to see bulges everywhere.

On a side note, still have not thought of a name for her. Any suggestions? Our plan is not to give an ang moh name but to have the Chinese first name that sounds like ang moh name.. Some popular choices which we are not considering are Kai Li for Kylie .. or Li Lian for Lilian - but you get the idea.

1 comment:

  1. I could thought of these nia .....

    龙 祖 儿 ( Joey )

    龙 祖 林 ( Jolene )

    龙 思 泥 ( Sydney )- change the 3 dots to a female chinese character

    I like 龙 安 泥 ( Annie ) - haaa