CNY just came and went! 9 days of holidays flew past - in a blink of an eye! It was a very hectic hols. So many visitations.. so tiring.. and there's this huge drama among ZipD and Droolman. Wish I have time to blog .. hopefully one day.. and then, no time for games! I can't believe I have no time for games when I have 9 days of hols... it's amazing....................

Then again, better to be busy visiting friends and relatives than have no visitations - like my next door neighbour. I noticed that his cars did not move at all during CNY. It's like he and his family was at home for the whole 9 days.. ha ha .. of course they are still alive - I checked.

Then again, I could be wrong about their cars not moving - I wasn't home all the time either.. Maybe they did go out for visitations.


  1. Yeah, me too , at first, thought LONG CNY , can clean house, clean email mailbox, can blog (banyak cerita, yet no time) ,can learn VMware, can upload photossss, mana tahu SaTu pun tak jadi buat , tiap2 hari busy with visitation nia, super BUSY with today back to work , lagi teruk, all work tak habis-habis :( .... During CNY, everywhere I went, I saw family , even shopping mall also, the crowd was usually in family....There and then, I was thinking, do I have single friends around me who don't have family to go back to, if there is, I wish to invite him/her to join me next time...indeed, I feel the 'loneliness' for them too. Just like last year V-day, my cell leader cooked a very nice V-dinner , and ajak all her single female cell members over for dinner. That was such a great simple thing one can ever do to cheer up the rest :), at least one doesn't have to go thru the festival all by himself or herself .... Ah, I thought of one - my biz card friend, alone in OZ , wuahahahaha...kelian


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