So I wanted to watch Slumdog Millionaire last weekend. I go to Google and type "cathay cineleisure".. the first entry came up and I clicked Buy Ticket.. somehow - and I think I was dead tired or blind - I just Page Down to the Slumdog entry and tried to buy the ticket. Fortunately the process failed - their servers down or something .. I then realized I was entering my credit card into Cathay Singapore!!!

Wow... the danger of Internet booking!

I almost kena charged SGD$20 for a movie I can't go see! PHEWWWW!


  1. why so blurrrrr

  2. Aiii, U lucky lor , your lesson didn't caused u anything. Dengar mine , B4 CNY - i online checked many hotels, queried the hotel rates, somehow ( like u said, blur or mimpi , still tak faham) , one of the hotel said that they confirmed my booking. When I did internet booking, have to key in credit number, then book. Usually they reply with booking number and rate, usually with an expiry date, if I dun confirm by then, booking cancel ma ... entah what happened, this hotel insisted that I had confirmed. On my end, knowing the hotel so expensive, I quickly cari hotel lain...just I really doubt I confirmed the booking lor ...aiii, I saw the RM1200 charges on my credit card after the trip ...for a hotel where I didn't check in ....PLUS super Expensive Hotel , that is a PRICY learning experience. Next time buat internet booking , really have to KIASU, KIASI , Be careful


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