Dr Cinta

Dr Cinta has a new name and it is Kiasu-Ching...
I enjoyed Kiasu Ching blog because it has a lot of practical tips to be kiasu - something all of us can relate. I hope he is able to keep his blog alive with more tips.. perhaps localized it more to Malaysia tips instead of international - not many people is a high flyer, you know?


  1. Serious .. it is not easy to come up with tips every 3 days lah! Although kiasu but also need to make sure the tips legal! Else kena tangkap! Localized? OK Will try!

  2. Hmm.. I thot he no longer live in Good old MY. Weird for him to be writing ... kiasuism in MY context no?

  3. No longer living in MY does not mean he's no longer Kiasu. Ha ha ha.. Looks like he's more kiasu than bercinta. LOL!


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