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A year ago, I decided to get my own house.
A year later, here are some pictures of my newly renovated house:

Click on individual to Enlarge (though the file size/resolution is kinda big)

This picture is taken from the entrance of the front door. One of the things I like about this house is that it is designed in a square with no pillars, walls and crooked corners, giving the living hall a big expanse feeling.

You see two ceiling fan in this picture but actually I have 3 ceiling fans! This will give you a perspective of the size of the hall, though some of my friends commented that 3 fans are an overkill and it made the place looks like a coffee shop :P I plan to partitioned the hall either with a cabinet or a "pin foong", a kind of olden Chinese partitions which people used to change clothes.

The down side is that if you are sitting on the living room, you can see people eating at the dining or cooking in the kitchen.

The kitchen is beyond the 2 windows. It is separated by a glass door so that when Anne cooks (I hope she does.. LOL), we can close the glass door to prevent the smoke from seeping out. The door on the right is actually the storeroom underneath the stairs (not shown in the picture). There's also a room, which you could barely see, on the right. This is one of the biggest lower floor room I have seen in a house.

This picture, a bit dark due to poor lighting, is taken at the glass door that separates the dining and the kitchen. I like the big windows in my living hall, as it gives a lot of light. I'm thinking of maybe putting up a cabinet under the window to make some sort of reading area/couch, if you know what I mean. I also have a huge door in which a baby grand piano could pass through, not that I can afford or play one. Nice! There are 3 ceiling fans. Do you think it is an overkill?

This picture of the kitchen was taken from the corner where the washing machine will be. Do you like the tiles we choose? Both of us really like the "divider tiles". It has a nice flower design and it look really sweet. How do you like my stove/cooking area?

This picture was taken when I took the stairs to the upper floor. This is the so called 2nd living room. It has a darker shade of pink as a feature wall with this Vietnamese inspired lamp. We like this lamp very much. I wish that it was installed a few inch higher but alas.. I wasn't there to supervise the installation. Nevermind, there is no absence of beauty, just lack of discovery.

This is the master bedroom painted in purple - the name of the colour is Queenstown. Notice the pink floor ceramic tiles? Not exactly my choice of tiles - it came with the house. The wall colour complements the tiles, don't you think?

The master bathroom. This came with the house. The only thing that I change was the toilet bowl and to install an Ikea mirror. I like the basin. Huge big basin with lots of space to put things. The tap has hot and cold water, just like in a hotel. I think I will like brushing teeth in warm water :)

On the left of the bowl (not in the picture) is the shower area with a shower screen.

I didn't expect my contractor to give me such a nice toilet bowl in the master bath. This contractor is honest.. I guess. We used him before in my mother's house. He is relatively expensive from other contractors but he does not cheat you.
For instance, he gave me this bowl without my request. He also gave me Clipsal branded electric plugs and switch - this is a branded plug point with "Sirim" certification. I get to choose Whitehorse homogenous tiles for my kitchen and living room, ICI Supreme paint and ICI Weathershield as well as a nice pergola style roof for my porch - see picture below.


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