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I had the impression that Best Denki, an electronic retail giant from Japan, is a state of the art store, a store that would surely beat local wannabes like SenQ or HSL. Recently, they had a sale and I bought a 500 liter Panasonic fridge and 13kg Panasonic washer from them. From the moment I bought the appliances, I knew something was wrong. The clerk took almost 20 minutes processing my purchase – everything was manual. From writing manual sales memo and issuing handwritten Delivery Order to writing down the delivery schedule on a piece of paper backed by a hard board. All of these were done with pen and papers!

My nightmare begins when I changed my mind about the washer. I bought the appliances on Monday with the shipping date on the following Saturday 5pm. I went back to the store on Tuesday to change the washer from 13kg to 9kg. It is not a problem, the clerk said because they have not shipped it but he took almost 40 minutes to hunt for my D.O and sales memo. He looked into files after files after files.

The 9kg washer is rm300 cheaper and they could not refund me so I decided to buy a 21” TV. I saw this TV that I liked and told them that I’d like to order this. They looked into their books, went into the storeroom/warehouse to look for the TV and then called all their branches and finally told me that they have the TV in Summit. I was exasperated. Haven’t anyone heard of a computer system? Computerized inventory? Even HSL and SenQ is fully automated.

The sales clerk issued me a new DO to exchange my 13kg washer to 9kg washer and TV. I told her that perhaps she should also write down the fridge in this new DO in case someone thinks that this DO supersedes the old DO. She said don’t worry, she will staple them together. I said are you sure? She said yes. I was doubtful because it’s all so manual here.

Saturday came and sure enough.. they only shipped me the 9kg washer and TV. No fridge in sight! I called customer service and was passed from one person to the other! Finally I spoke to Mr Tan. Mr Tan took 30 minutes to check the “warehouse” and I guess, hunt for the paper DO and finally told me that they have no stock and will ship the fridge to me Tuesday. I have lost confidence in them and decided to talk to the people in the store directly.

Today, I went in.. after spending 30 minutes hunting for my DO and looking into the warehouse, I was told there is no such person as a Mr Tan. And that they have no records of any fridge coming on Tuesday. WTF!

Can you imagine? Best Denki!


Anyway, I told the sales clerk I will see their manager tomorrow! I’d like to give him a piece of my mind.


But you know what? They do have a very good price, albeit all these inconveniences. Just make sure you don’t exchange your stuff!


  1. you know what, i had a bad experience with them when i bought my refrigerator couple of years ago.... It was a shouting match hahaha. So those few years i avoided buying anything from them until last year i bought a vaccum cleaner.


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