Today is the first day of Ramadan, where Muslims all over the world fast for a month - to remind them of the hunger and loneliness that a huge number of people have to go through everyday. It was 2 years ago, around this day, that AR, Bahija, Miss Peace and me went for a tour to Egypt. Time really flies. I have not been out for a overseas holiday since. Looking at the state of financial commitment I am having now, it will be a few more years before I go for another hols. I am glad that I made that trip to Egypt back in 2004. Very memorable and enjoyable trip.

So much has changed since them. AR migrated. Bahija found happiness and nourishment to her soul by adopting the Christian faith. Ringgit has a new and happy life with Anne. Miss Peace owns two beautiful Golden Retrievals.

Everyone progressed to the better. Let's not forget the less fortunate and take this opportunity to reflect and be grateful for what we have :)

Remember, complaints erase good fortune. Grateful prayers build happiness for eternity..


  1. Bahija STILL talks about Habibi punya :) ..... life is never easy, what more my spiritual walk, it's so difficult sometimes, and I wish Habibi was here with me, that I can just IM or SMS or call him up. Over the weekend, I was surfing for travel agents, saw all the Egypt tours, the thought came to me, regardless of how bad the travel agent we took, we ended up meeting Habibi - that was really something 'great' - yuan fan. Which also concluded our fun travel in 2004 :) - Entah when is the next trip we could go together, just like those 4 ladies in our Egypt tour, who met and go traveling together punya...FYI, our paranomic photo with 4 of us is still sitting next to me leh :)

  2. part 2 , Bahija is still praying her soulmate punya :) , you and Anne pray for me too la, blessing me mah :) muak


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