I finally bought a place in Bandar Utama for rm415K .. yay!

I am happy. That is a very good price.

The owner is an Indian lady doctor. She stays in Damansara Heights so she must be loaded. Anyway, her daughters are furthering their studies in the USA and they needed the cash which was why they wanted to sell the house. I have done some homework prior to putting down the money. Have spoken to 3 neighbours and asked them if there are any problem with the house.. you know, like those "dirty" stuff... they said that the house has always been tenanted and they have not heard of any dirty stuff.. I guess that's good enough for me. My immediate neighbour validated the "daughters studying overseas" story. She said that the owner told her about this and asked her to help sell.. at that time, they were asking for almost rm500k but no buyer.. and they get desperate.. so.. I am very lucky!

Now I have to find money and banks to help me finance the house.


  1. Hehehe, I am VERY HAPPY for you & Anne too. 500k to 415k - wow , really yours.

  2. U will be the 2nd person that I know that bought a castle then get married with a princess or a froggie! But the last time I got an apartment and house, only my parents moved in not even a FROG!

  3. Congratulations.....tell me how you feel living in rich neighbourhood....must be good


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