Complaints erase good fortune...

"Complaints erase good fortune, grateful prayers build happiness for eternity"

These are words that Anne have drilled into me for many months. After dating her for around one and a half years, I must admit that there are some truth to this statement. Most of my friends would probably attest to the fact that I complained less and less these days. And you know what, I do find that a lot of things in my life has improved - relationship with colleagues, managers, friends, families and even "acquaintances". A lot of things go very smoothly when the "people" relationship improves.

So, people.. don't complain. You will find that life will be much better than before..

And if you could truly say grateful prayers.. and I mean truly grateful.. you will find happiness. I still have not achieve this level yet.. LOL. Anne said that sometimes when she pray, she will be so grateful for whatever it was she's grateful at that tears fall down her face.. Hmmmm... She said, for example, that she doesn't complained "why her parents didn't give her this or that" but instead chanted grateful prayers that "her parents are alive and healthy".. that is why she's always happy and never complained.

We all should emulate her :)


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