Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Team Lunch - What Mr X says..

I just IM-ed Mr X... he said:

X: i dun see it as accumulating good fortune just by giving money away.......it is more of the intention.....
X: ie...a rich bad person may contribute to charity...
X: but he will not accumulate good fortune..
X: but if a poor lady, sell her hair and use the money for the sake of others (poorer than her)...this is an act of compassion... and will be rewarded in return....see..the intention is important here...

Does that mean I am doomed? WU WU WU!


  1. Wah, Mr X - well said. same teaching from bible too. The word is Sacrifice. In modern business world - i suppose it is no pain, no gain :)

  2. It's a frickin' lunch ferchrisakes... what's with the philosophical bs. If this Mr. X had a real sense of humility/compassion/etc, he would not grade an honest gift i.e. treating your colleagues lunch against any other show of charity. Jeez.