Looks like everyone in my blogsphere is a busy bee.. myself included. Managing 15 people is no piece of cake.. so I am getting very much challenged here. I had my first group motivational talk today and I think the team is abuzzed with enthusiasm. Anti-R said that they have no choice because I am their superior. I'd like to think they have a choice and that their choice is to respond positively to me.

So, yeah.. I am a busy bee... and I am hiring... any potential candidates?


  1. what is the job specs? Any URL to refer to the said vacancy?

  2. I always believe in Power of influence. When you don't earn it you use authority! Which one is you? It depends on what an individual want from you, in a way yes it's a choice. But if you and me no LA KANG! Why would I want to suck up to you? The is the reality! Power Money and Ego!


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