"Change the Whole Cast of Characters Also It Is The Same"

Mr X is not Habibi. Ha ha .. Bahija thought Mr X sounds like the Habibi we know. Now that she mentioned it, hmm.. there are some similarities.

I told Mr X about the lunch where I was being “wat”. I told him that I am not the stingy type. I buy friends lunches, dinners and drinks. However, I hate it when I am asked to do so because I don’t owe people the lunch/dinner/drink. To me, if you have the balls to ask me to treat, that means, you feel like I am obliged to buy you lunch/dinner.. and why should I do that? The reason why I am so disturbed by the whole incident is because I “em kum yuen” to pay because I feel obligated/ “wat” by the people.

Anyway, Mr X told me this. He said that I write the script of my life. Today, it is my colleagues who “wat” me. If I change the whole cast of characters in my life, ie I don’t know any Bonnie or Mr Miser or NLK.. but instead I have Tom, Dick and Harry.. I will still feel the same. I will still feel like I was “wat”

So it is important for me to change within myself. So what if I buy people lunches? I must not feel that I was bullied. I ought to let go. It’s not easy.. but once I start to let go and be willing, all these will accumulate good fortune and will come back to me in the future. I may accumulate so much fortune that in the future, I probably will also automatically treat people for lunches.. because I already have such a big heart.



  1. eh nevermind, its just $$$, can always earn back rite?
    Its just money that you can still afford. But if meant scraping by to live for the next 1 month then I say don't do it.... Dont' need to feel obligated one. But I guess in your case, it comes with the position....

  2. Promotion lunch is the kind of money you need to spend, especially with team members who have supported you. It is a way of thanking their support. They feel nice either they appreciate your gratefulness or they have successfully 'wat' you. Bottomline is they feel good thus you accomplished your objective.

  3. Actually, ZipD, I'd like to get you started on the "automatically treat people for lunches.. because I already have such a big heart."

    So, say what you want to say.. :)


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