I have been very busy lately. I have visitors, both from the States and from London. I have been playing hosts the whole of last week. Couple this with some recent house hunting and I am truly spent. What little time I had for myself are spent on a new game called Oblivion. So, yeah, very busy I was. And in case my avid readers are worried about me, don't. These are good things. It's not a good thing if I am blogging. It means I am too free :D

A couple of updates:

Anne are as wonderful as ever. I truly belief she's really my missing "bone". How could one girl fit me so perfectly is truly beyond my comprehension. I would not believe this compatibility exist a couple years ago... but it does! Yay Anne!

I am very pleased at the weather. It's been raining in the evenings and early mornings so it's very pleasant. It's bizarre, some said, because it's supposed to be a hot season at this time of the year but I think that perhaps the "El Nino" effect is really gone and we are back to the good, old, tropic weather with monsoon rain and cooler weather. Like 15 years ago during Secondary school. I remember that every morning my father have to wipe the windshield with a cloth to clear up the dew. I have not seen dew on the windshield for a long time and I am not seeing them again. Yay Weather!


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