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There is a defect with my widescreen LCD monitor. There is one dead pixel in the screen.

Of all the places in the entire monitor, the single dead pixel had to happen right in the middle of the screen. It's irritating and I am disatisfied with it.

So, I contacted Dell via email. The girl was very helpful. She said that I was not able to exchange the monitor because the company policy states that any LCD monitor with less than 5 dead pixel is not considered a defect. If there are more than 5 dead pixel, I would qualify for a one to one exchange.

I told her that I would like to return the unit then. In Dell's Total Satisfaction policy, I could return any purchase within 15 days from the invoice date without question asked. She agreed and kicked start a process where by DHL will come and collect the monitor. I have to pay the shipping and handling though - it cost me rm80 and I agreed to it. What to do? I rather lost rm80 than have a dead pixel. Such is life. LOL.

Returns and exchange are different. Exchange means that the purchase is confirmed (after 15 days) and that it is considered a warranty process. Returns means that they will just refund me because of disatisfaction with the product, not neccessarily due to defect.

So, while waiting for DHL to come and pick up the monitor, I went to again to buy a new unit. To my surprise, the system is now rm100 cheaper! Wow... Instead of losing rm80, I gained rm20 from this activity.

Such is life.


  1. Life is more than a 5 dead pixel!

    Get a life!

  2. Bahija, ONG would be if the monitor has no dead pixel and I could enjoy every second of it. This is not ONG. So much work!

    Zip, I prefer Dell's current return policy. It covers all their product which means it is simple and does not have fine print just for a particular purchase such as monitor, harddisk, server, notebook. Those are confusing Terms and Conditions. Furthermore, this return policy assures me, as a customer, that I do have a choice when I am disatisfied with any of their products and that I could just return them within 15 days. This assurance encourages people to buy Dell products.

    So, yeah, you are no expert in B2B.

  3. aiyah, of course the best ideal one is nothing happen, and all good. But dealing in this troublesome thingy, u got to return it easily, still no rugi ..... cheers la, consider 'ong' to me. Within 1Q, u managed to get 1 camera replacement, 1 untung returned - be embassidor to Canon and Dell - not bad eh least we are convinced of their service :)


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