Zip said I upgrade PC because of a particular game. He said I am more hardcore than he is.. Hmm.. let's see..

I bought my Pentium 2 in 1997 because of the superb 3D graphics of Tomb Raider 2.
I upgraded to Pentium 3 in 2000 - I don't remember upgrading for a particular game.
In Feb 2004 I upgraded to a P4 for a game called Gothic 2.

I have since been using this P4. It's almost 2 year old.

I am hooked to Oblivion now. Today I bought a Dell LCD monitor so that I could play this game in widescreen. I'd be lying if I said Oblivion plays no part in this decision but I'd also think that it is about time I get a nice LCD monitor for myself. That way, I could have two screens. Kiasu!


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