Nokia 6021

I have been using my old blue screen Nokia for 3 years. I bought the 6510 in Oct 2002. That phone is a true business phones. It has a lot of capabilities - Folder management, lots of SMS storage, lots of Address Book storage, GPRS, FM Radio, compact size. I never had a reason to change until yesterday.

I bought a Nokia 6021 for rm600. It has all the above plus TRI-BAND, 65k colour, polyphonic and Bluetooth (well.. minus the FM Radio). I need this phone when I go USA in December so I can still keep in touch with Anne. And I hate camera phone. Nokia saved my dilemma by releasing this Nokia 6021. It has all the features of a true business phone, minus the camera and thus, making it affordable. If you wanted a no-frills Nokia, get the 6021. It has a nice solid case with a leathery-no-slip case at the back so this phone feels tough and classy.

Update: Just wanted to say that there is another version called Nokia 6020. It's the same design. The only differences is that 6020 comes with camera and NO Bluetooth. 6021 comes with Bluetooth and NO camera. Nokia is catering to their customers' needs (at last!) .. :D


  1. Aiya just admit it! U r going to USA soon, you need your darling to call you or vice versa all the time.

    Good lah also before you jadi kuno (old fashioned)!

  2. Hey its a nice phone.
    whats wrong with camera phones?

  3. I don't know. I just think that a phone should just be a phone.. and not a camera. That's what a digital camera is for. And I just don't see a point of paying RM1k+ for a camera-phone.

    This phone is amazing. Very clear polyphonic tones. Very bright screen. Are you looking to upgrade mystic? :D

    Here are some good reviews.

  4. memang dashyat. Today in office, a friend of mine came to my workplace, showed me his new phone. Then read your blog - aiyuh - I saw 2 same models today :P this the phone of the month or what ? BTW, please dun be so bias about camera phone la. True, snap photos use a real camera. But think this way, what is the gadget that one always carry ? cellphone phone la. I carry this baby 24 hrs - so having a camera - may be a security gadget (just minima pixel will do). Example - when someone knock my car ( choy choy choy ) - may be i can quickly snap his car or face ..or when kena attack, hopefully can be smart enough to snap pictures - leave the phone as hints ..hahaha. To me, MMS is cool- when i shopping overseas, i can instantly MMS ask u guys and ask if u want to buy cetain things mah ... Wow Oct 2002 , meaning i hv been using that butterly phone for about 5 years - wow - reading ur blog, i realize I'm too out-dated .. :(

  5. D bought the same phone after he lost his second in KSland. I like it, affordable with the basic stuff


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