This week is relaxing week for me. I took 5 days off from work. Anne took 3 days off. Among some of the activities we did together were a lot of bonding between my family and my friends with her. She came over to my place and we did lunch with my family. Later, she met up with Loochoomus Prime. Yesterday, she met up with Bahija, Anti Ringgit and Miss Peace. All in all, a fruitful week, I must say :)

The 5 days just flew by... I can really understand the phrase "how time flies". It did! One more day and I will be back at work. Sighhh...


  1. Dude, you and Anne are ? ? ? ?. She's so lovely. I'm extremely happy for you :)

  2. Bring Anne to KSland. My apartment is ready soon, guest room will be ready for you and Anne too. I cannot be the last to meet Anne, please bring her soon.


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