Compliments.. from Bonnie!

Bonnie you know
ringgit ?
Bonnie i think this time your hair cut is nice
Bonnie make u look good
ringgit wow.. two compliments... Thanks..
Bonnie better MUCH better than most of your prev hair cut
Bonnie which makes u look fat
Bonnie :))
ringgit wellllllllllllllllll
ringgit yat fan ching yat fan for
Bonnie ooo meaning?
ringgit last time i stopped going to my regular saloon because i wanna try this Express Cut in Ikano
ringgit express cut = rm12
ringgit but after 4 cuts i didn't like it
ringgit so i went back to my regular lor
Bonnie how much
ringgit rm36
ringgit plus wash
ringgit express cut no wash
Bonnie WAH
Bonnie 36 bucks????????
ringgit ya lor
ringgit so yat fan chin yat fan for
Bonnie so ex
ringgit so maybe i alternate next time
ringgit LOL!


  1. U like to say this 'yat fan ching yat fan for', nah - chinese macam ini '???,???', u lagi cheapoh than me, went for cheap cut 4 TIMES

  2. Times are not good ah, Bahija... I have an extra mouth to feed these days :P


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