I love murky water!

Today I am extremely disgusted with the water that came out of our pipe. The water is milky white in colour. What the heck is this? Am I drinking poison here?

This has been a huge problem with me. How can anyone stay in a country where the drinking water is VISIBLY dirty? How? How can anyone tolerate it? Imagine washing your face with the same water. Imagine drinking it! It happened in the old house in Segambut... it happened in this new place.. and yesterday, the water that came out of Plaza's tap was brown!!! You read that right. Plaza. The place I worked in. Taman Tun Dr Ismail - most high class and expensive residential in KL City. The water is BROWN!!!

What are my tax money doing?

With haze, heat and now water problem, this country can go to hell!!!


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