I had almost enough with Bonnie. Bonnie is obviously a symbolic word for the people you have problem with in work. So this Bonnie at work is getting on my nerves. Bonnie complains a lot. Bonnie is selfish. He usually likes to put people in difficult position and think he's doing everyone a favour. This is probably vague without example so here's one. When I moved to the new place, Bonnie would asked loudly in front of everyone - when can we go to your house for a visit? It will be fun. Can we have BBQ at your place? What do you expect a normal person to respond? People will usually say yes. Which is what I meant by Bonnie putting people in a difficult position. I, of course replied No. I don't do BBQ. Thanks for asking. I often wonder, why don't Bonnie never volunteers and say why not come to Bonnie's house for BBQ? Coz he knows that it's a big mess to do all these stuff. He just wanna have fun. Bastard.

Then the other month, Bonnie complained about the air quality in the floor which is a valid complain. So we called the office guys to come and investigate. Made a big hoo haa. Office guys came and promised to vacumm floor more often. As to air quality, they said they can't do much. After all, this in a centralized air cond but they will try their best.

So yesterday, to our surpise, the office guy came around 4pm and change the air cond cover - you know, those square air ducts. We have around 6-7 cover to change. The office guy did not make any noise. It was just a simple switch. Climb up the ladder, swap the cover. Bonnie started making noises.. saying how come they don't do it on a Saturday and he wanted to complain. I was so fed up - I said why make a big deal out of this? This is probably a 10 minute exercise.. Why can't you just freaking tolerate it???

Today Bonnie complained again. I came in around 1130am. It was hot! I switched on the split unit air cond. He started making noise that it was cold. He cannot stand it. I said it is hot in my place. Would you like to swap place? He said don't want to swap place. Can switch off air cond? Then we asked around and and everyone said it is hot. Only then did Bonnie shut up. GRR!

There's more about Bonnie. When I did think of more example of his selfishness and self righteousness, I'll post more.


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