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Came back from HK. Here's what I did:

Day 1: Friday Night
- Met Greedy. Took me to her place in Central. Nice apartment. Very cosy even though small. Situated in Hong Kong island - walking distance from Central MTR. Near Lan Kwai Foong, so you can tell it is a posh area where expats usually hang out. The apartment is a one room apartment. It's so small that when I sat on the couch and extended my leg, I could touch the TV cabinet. LOL.
- Went for congee.. yum yum.. I had pei tan chook. We ordered a bowl of wantan. HK wantan is purely made of shrimps. No pork. It's like eating har kau. Drool

Day 2: Saturday
- Greedy still asleep so I went out alone. Had a good time walking up the hills early in the morning looking for things to eat. Wish it were cooler. I sweated like a pig.
- I had Starbucks and fish ball noodle for breakfast.
- We had dim sum for lunch/tea. So, so only. Everything is big portion. I am so full. Not sure why the Hongkies are slim when the serving is so huge.
- We went to Mong Kok. Wanted to look for IT Center to check out graphic cards. Greedy wanted to buy hard disk. Mong Kok is full of people. People say HK has sea of people. Now I believe! My previous trip, 4 years ago, I didn't see so many people. It's amazing!
- Rainy day too.. and extremely HOT and HUMID.
- They didn't have the graphic card I was looking for. Greedy bought 120GB IDE drive. So cheap!
- I bought two pants from Bossini and a t-shirt.
- For dinner, we ate steam boat. It's a new experience. HK steam boat is not like MY steam boat. HK steam boat is almost like the Korean steam boat found in Korean restaurant in MY. You ordered the dish, eg fish paste. Even the soup cost money!
- Wanted to go Tsim Sa Tsui but raining. Went back to house and watched Friends. Friends ended. Season 10. Good ending but sad that there's no more Friends anymore.

Day 3: Sunday
- Vietnamese beef noodle for bfast. YUMMEH!
- Went to Toong Long Wan (Causeway Bay) where Sogo and Times Square is. Raining again.
- Bought Timberland T-shirt. Cheap!
- Went for coffee @ Pacific Coast Coffee... same as the one in SG. Nicer than Starbucks.
- For lunch/tea, I had Soup Instant Noodle with Sausages in Tai Kar Lok (Cafe De Coreal). This Tai Kar Lok is a chain restaurant. The instant noodle is very popular. Taste like Cintan. Lots of MSG! YUM!!!
- Went Tsim Sa Tsui. Pretty night view of HK island.
- Dinner/supper at this Macau restaurant where we had Portugese "Curry" and Ribena with lemon.

Day 4: Monday
- Greedy working so I walked alone today.
- Went looking for "Hey Mr Producer" in HMV Hong Kong and HMV Kowloon.
- Spent some time in Tsim Sa Tsui again. Day view is awesome. This fortune teller wanted to scam me. Gave him HKD$10 for his time. He said he's not a beggar but a religious man. I should give more. If you are not begging, you should not be asking. Told him off. In his "scam" he tried to predict my favourite colour. Wrote in a piece of paper and gave it to me. He wrote "Blue". It's doesn't take a genius to figure out my fav colour. I was practically SCREAMING blue that day - Shirt is white with blue collar and blue wording. Blue shorts. Blue watch. Blue socks. Blue shoes. Damn scammer!
- Hang out in a Starbucks. Read the manual of the DVD I bought. Nothing much to do/shop. Went home to watch DVD.
- Ate soy sauce chicken rice (yau kai) for lunch. They don't know what is fried chicken. It is called soy sauce chicken.
- Greedy came back.. we went dinner. Ate at a char chang teng.. order dishes.

Day 5: Tuesday.
- Back to MY. MY sucks. Depressed.


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