Monday, July 13, 2009

Up, up and up!

Unbelievable! A friend who was house hunting told me that over the past 3 months, prices in BU, and Taman Tun have been going up like crazy! A basic house in BU12 is now selling for 560K! Just less than a year ago, my neighbour told me that she bought her place, fully renovated, at 580K. Today, a basic house is already 560K! My friend told me he saw, with his own eyes, the asking price going up month after month! He regretted that he missed the boat when it was 520K just a couple of months back! He's now wondering if he should bite the bullet.


Kiasu-Ching said...

that's what capitalisme is all about .. soon the malaysian will only befriended with money and not human! whether u like it or not

Bahija said...

hmm, shld I buy one now ur neighbour ? just being kiasu

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